Beaumaris Bay Geology/Fossils

The group provides a common voice through citizen science. We are determined to have the valuable geological/fossil resource at Beaumaris sustained for current and future generations to access, study and interpret.


Beaumaris Bay Victoria Australia

Beaumaris Bay is one of Australia’s most varied fossil deposits of the Late Miocene era. Remains include those of whales, dolphins, seals, giant penguins, fish, sharks and the giant sea bird Pelegornis. Terrestrial fauna includes the marsupial lion, giant kangaroos and zygomaturus gilli (the 500 kg wombat like marsupial). Shells and the remains of trees which were washed down into a bay much bigger than the Port Phillip Bay which exists today.

Aerial of BAY

20160818_084922Coast Guardian

A Late Miocene Beach in suburban Melbourne

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