Livyatan (Giant Sperm Whale)

Artwork by courtesy Dr. Brian Choo   (Flinders University)

Beaumaris killer sperm whale hunting scene _BRIAN CHOO-300 DPI

The giant killer of the deep. Our Beaumaris Bay whale was some 18 metres long and weighed 40 tonnes. It’s mouth contained approximately 40 teeth, many of which measure over a third of a metre long.

Beaumaris killer sperm whale compared to human

The largest tooth ever found in Australia weighing about 3 kilograms.

 20160218_082428Until its discovery in February 2016, this whale was unknown outside the Americas. Traces have been found in possibly older rock in Chile, Peru and California. Other large toothed whales exist, but none match the size and hunger of Livyatan. Our Beaumaris find brings this species across history and to the other side of the world.

To find out more about these whales visit the youtube video   Prehistoric Moby Dick by Ethan Cowgill

Ethans YouTUBE

Prehistoric Moby Dick



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