Bony Fish of the Late Miocene (Beaumaris)


The waters of Beaumaris were teaming with a wide variety of fish. Many of the species are now extinct.


Section of a cranial bone of a fish

20171201_161012     20171201_161149.jpg

Toadfish jawbone (left) and a variety of crushing plates (right)

Diodon formosus


Edaphodon sweeti (Rat Fish, Chimaera)


Vertebrae of bony fish. The larger one on the top left may be from a Tuna or Sunfish.

20171201_155242       20171201_155502

TILLEY bones (hyperostotic neurocranium bone) from unidentified bony fish. These are cellular swellings in bone such as vertebra or the thin bones of the skull. A current example of this is the bump on the head of an “old man snapper”.

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