Code of Ethics

  1. Members of the Bayside Earth Sciences Society (hereafter termed the “Society”) will uphold the principles of the society in showing respect for the environment and the public when collecting geological samples.

  2. Members shall acknowledge that the Beaumaris/Mentone Fossil beds are an area of National/International Significance and act in accordance with this.

  3. When collecting geological specimens, members must comply with State/Federal Laws and Municipal Bylaws.

  4. Members are encouraged to restore any site excavations to as near as possible to the natural condition.

  5. To the best of their ability, members of the Society must make and maintain adequate notes of their geological finds. This includes locality details, day/time of collection and nature of the sample e.g. in situ from Beaumaris sandstone; “float from just below high tide” etc.

  6. Members will advise the Secretary of the Society or Museum Victoria of any seemingly significant finds in a timely manner. Such notice will remain confidential until the member gives permission to inform others.

  7. Contact details of any member will not be given to any third party without the written permission of that member.

  8. The Society shall not be used as a venue for the sale of any geological material.

  9. A member shall not knowingly do or say anything that may reflect adversely on the Society or any of its members, or act against the interests of the Society.

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