Sharks of Beaumaris Bay

The wide variety of sharks which swam in Beaumaris Bay is evidence of the availability of food for these top line predators.

Bens Tooth                  Carcharocles Megalodon

Carcharocles megalodon

The largest of the sharks, growing to about 15 metres

Sphyrna    Carcharodon carcharias   Isurus Retroflexus

Sphyrna                                       Carcharodon carcharias       Isurus retroflexus

3   Isurus Oxyrinchus  Heterodontus cainozoicus

unknown                                 Isurus oxyrinchus            Heterodontus cainozoicus

Carcharodon isurus hastalis (2)  Carcharias taurus  Carcharhinus

Carcharodon isurus hastalis         Carcharius Taurus                          Carcharhius

Pristis (Saw Shark Tooth)                   Myliobatis

Pristis                                                                           Myliobatis

Shark Teeth

Carcharodon hastalis

Vertebrae of Carcharodon hastalis

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