Reference Material


There are two excellent reference books available on the fossil material found about Beaumaris Bay.


BESS has limited printed copies available at $39.50 including post (Australia Only)

Please email us if you require a copy and an order form will be emailed back to you.

This is a new publication which is also currently available at:   Download


Museum Fossil Book

Publication by Museum Victoria and available on line at Link

More reference material available

Check tides at Beaumaris:      Tides at Beaumaris

Beaumaris Motor Yacht Squadron                         BMYS

YouTube –  Journey through the mists of time     Journey through the mists of time

YouTube – Fossils of Beaumaris                              Fossils of Beaumaris

Pigmy Whale at Beaumaris                                      Pigmy Whale at Beaumaris

Turtle in Beaumaris                                                   Turtle Discovery in Beaumaris

Seals In Beaumaris                                                     Seals at Beaumaris

Pig Nose Turtle                                                         Turtles all the way down: Neogene pig‐nosed turtle fossil from southern Australia reveals cryptic freshwater turtle invasions and extinctions – Rule – – Papers in Palaeontology – Wiley Online Library

(Book) From Dinosaurs to Diprotodons                 Available at Museum Victoria

Museum Victoria Lost World of Bayside                Instagram: lostworldofbayside

Sealing the Deal: Fossil bonanza from Bayside Melbourne reveals Australia’s most ancient and smallest seals

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