Private, well managed collections can be of greater scientific benefit when shown, or made available to the public. Our Society has made many of its unusual finds/finds new to science, available for public exhibit or given as gifts to Museum Victoria.

The following are the teeth of a wide variety of sharks and other marine species. The teeth are sometimes the only trace left, but they enable us to identify the organism and also the type of food it ate.

The above collection includes Carchararodon hastalis, partial Carcharoles megalodon, Galeocerdo, Edaphodon sweeti, Myliobatis, Diodon formosus, Lamnifomes sp. Delphinoidea sp. and others.

Penguin flipper bone

Penguin flipper bone


      Delphinoid Periotic

Partial Zigomaturus molar tooth                                           Delphinoid periotic

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