Petrified Wood


Log at Ricketts Point 16 Dec 2016.jpgPetrified wood and plant material is represented by petrified logs in the sandstone and as smaller specimens along the coast to Mentone. The wood has been replaced by minerals and shows signs of infestations of Teredo (ship worm) a specialized mollusc which is also known as the termite of the sea. These trees were usually washed into the Bay by rivers which do not now exist. The trees became water logged and settled into the mud. They were colonised by Teredo and the remains were then mineralized.



  Small specimen above of petrified wood with Teredo infestation.

Below a rare specimen of fern stem.




A section of petrified wood (in Geothite) with structure finely detailed. This was from a recent cliff fall.


Petrified leaf in Beaumaris Sandstone

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