The Bayside Earth Sciences Society is open to everyone. You do not need to be qualified. All you need is enthusiasm. Our purpose is to explore, observe and interpret the area around Beaumaris Bay and Ricketts Point (remembering Ricketts Point is a Marine Sanctuary and no specimens may be taken).

The society is keen to show the public the vast array of life which inhabited Beaumaris and the seas surrounding, some 5 to 5.5 million years ago. To that end, we hope to attract those who have an interest in our fossil heritage and may have their own skills with computers, photography, technical drawing/art and other. We hope to foster skills and ethics in the collectors of the future.

Over the years, our members have donated some of their most interesting finds to Museum Victoria and we look forward to continuing this tradition as well as raising a comprehensive collection to be shown in the Beaumaris area and to share our knowledge with other community groups. Those with old collections at home may have their items identified or perhaps put into a web collection, we hope to form.

If you share our interest and have the enthusiasm, we look forward to your membership to help drive this Society into the future and increase the recognition of the scientific opportunity located in Bayside’s back yard.

Membership Fees for our first year of operation are discounted by 50% and are current to 30 September 2018.

Individual Membership   $10.00

Family Membership         $17.50

Associate (Under 15 Yrs)  $ 4.00

If you would like to join our group, please email the Secretary on or post your request for a Membership Form to PO Box 427 Mentone 3194  Vic Australia



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